about 1 year agoJuly 28, 2021

10 months agoOctober 29, 2021
Recently switched to this system after Grande's exorbitant cable pricing kept rising through the roof! Other than having the Wi-FI go down (at the TIVO box) during viewing key shows or football games, or having intermittent internet and having to reset each unit on all the TV's or having to reboot the brand new 600Mps router to keep the TV's running, it's not bad (just frustrating and unreliable)! The original TIVO wasn't much better either, as it constantly required resetting and maintenance (along with the high bills at months end)! Have had Grande for many years and have tolerated many issues (generally had to become a tech myself to keep everything running) but have stuck with them because they generally have faster internet speeds and initially had great prices years and years ago! Remember when cable first came out? People had cable in order to watch what they wanted without interruption from ads and commercials...can't say that anymore! It's loaded with ads and commercials (what a shame it is to pay hundreds$$$ per month for this)! So when you are waiting on the phone for over an hour to talk to a representative or tech about why your system isn't working (while listening to why they may not show up because of the "COVID"), just remember their logo, "We're here for you!".  Also, when reviewing your bill, take note of ALL the things for which you are being charged (the list goes on and on and ends up being as much or more than the actual cable billing!)!!
8 months agoDecember 13, 2021
i have no sucj problems with  RCN    TIVO  PHONE CABEL  
some things like location may be a factor.  ( locaqtion distance your computer it self and or routing  .      but the prices you cant beat and custmer services.     comcast is a joke those prices and awfull   and zero custmer services.    dish tv just same.
8 months agoDecember 13, 2021
my key board needs to be replaced as shown in my spelling-      just a update on my reply above.     THANK YOU   RCN
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